About Us

A wise man once said that if you want success surround yourself with quality people.

Companies may succeed or fail depending on the quality of their staff. Little wonder then that a lot of effort justifiably goes into finding and retaining good employees.

At Technical Placements we focus relentlessly on finding quality staff that, for one reason or another, are looking for other positions. Our placement process is designed to unearth and present the best possible candidates available at the time.

Quality, in the workplace context, is not easy to define. It is not the same as intelligence, skill, ability, experience, qualifications or attitude, but it can result from a combination of all of them. Attitude and disposition play an important role. Years of experience in the workplace have given us the necessary skills to evaluate candidates and assess their possible value-added contribution in relation to a particular position in a company. We look for a match between the requirements of the position and the profile of the candidate.

While ethical behaviour is non-negotiable, other aspects of the candidate profile are more flexible and are evaluated with regard to the requirements of the position. All candidates are interviewed and reference checked before being presented for a position.

Our goal is to find the best suited candidates in South Africa to make your final selection process more efficient, painless, informed and successful.
For candidates, we always have a selection of top engineering jobs in South Africa, particularly jobs in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng. We are always looking for quality candidates to place in these positions; if you are an looking for an engineering or technical job in South Africa, contact us with your latest, up-to-date CV. You can email your CV directly to cv@technicalplacements.co.za (only CVs to this email).
Technical Placements - a top quality South African engineering recruitment agency. On target every time!